Cloud Migration

Our team can transform in-house systems to a serverless computing
model where you only pay for the computational time you need.
We help you rise from  Lift and Shift to Move and Improve

Smart Cloud Transformation
Migration with Modernization

Cloud Native Services allows your business to free itself from the burden of on-prem legacy hardware and custom-built applications dependant upon complex and with unused licensed components or platforms. We have the expertise to analyze, modernize, migrate, and digitally transform your current mission critical applications to the cloud, reducing total cost of ownership, increasing up-time by introducing automatic failovers, and scaling based on demand with Pay as You Go. Our team can transform in-house systems to a serverless computing model where you only pay for the computational time you need. Do you have a nightly maintenance that runs for just a few minutes? Why pay for a server running 24/7 when you can pay for just a few minutes of computational time at a fraction of the cost.

Allinfotech is well versed in the Microsoft Azure platform, understanding its unique features, and specializing in Platform-as-a-Service offerings. A few examples that we are well versed in are listed below:

  • Serverless services, without the need to provision or manage infrastructure with AWS Lambda, and Azure Functions
  • Codeless, serverless automation processes – Logic Apps, Workflows
  • Serverless, Mulit-Cloud, Multi-Model database systesms – AWS Dynmo DB, Azure Cosmos DB
  • Platform managed servers for running your web applications – AWS BeanStalk, AWS Web Apps, GCP App Engine
  • Security and management of one or many APIs, providing subscriptions, quotas, and rate limiting to ensure the safety of your exposed APIs – AWS API Gateway, Azure API Management
  • Platform hosted and managed AWS RDS, Azure SQL Server instances to reduce IT involvement of management SQL Database systems – AWS RDS, Azure SQL
  • Platform managed services for creating scalable and reliable data processing and movement – Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake, Data Bricks, Power BI, Power BI Premium
  • Media Streaming Services – AWS Media Services, Azure Media Services
  • Scalable, redundant blob, structured, and unstructured data storage – AWS S3, Azure Blob Cloud Storage
  • Containerized and Serverless applications - AWS AKS, Azure Containers

Cloud based AI capable of delivering pre-built or easily trainable responses – Azure Cognitive Services, AWS AI/ML with Sagemaker

  • Azure Computer Vision, Amazon AWS Rekognition  
  • Cloud based Search
  • Azure Chat Bot Services, AWS Alexa Skills, AWS Polly, AWS Bot, AWS Connect Telephony
  • Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis using AWS Comprehend